vitxi on android & ios

Hi Vitalpbx,
one of my prospective customers asked, what software should be installed on android or IOS to run vitxi webrtc? Is there some kind of installer?

If they have to use a browser then typing the url is not very effective .

If using the browser will not be able to startup or run in the background process, so they can only receive inbound calls or outbound calls when the browser is open, please provide your feedback.


The VitXi WebRTC application is a web application, so at the moment, there’s no way to install it to run as a native Android/iOS app.

We actually have mobile applications for VitalPBX (VitXi Android and VitalPBX Mobile). However, these applications are quite different from the WebRTC app, so you cannot expect the same features.

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Maybe this is a suggestion for team dev vitalpbx vitxi+. We recommend that you modify the softphone vitxi+ android, the user only enters the username &password such as webrtc phone. You can also see an example of softphone infobid. Why am I proposing this? Because it is risky if I have to share username, extension password and user must do account settings. The point is to make the app easy to use.

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Very soon VitXi+ for iOS and Android will be replaced by VitalPBX Mobile, the QR code will be encrypted for more security.

We cannot only use username and password since we must also configure the name or IP of the server.

Hi Sir,

What is function QR code? Did you means user just to scan QR code and automatic fill setting extension, secret, and ip?

i thinks it possible to entry username and pasword, so user just to setting (input) ip, and port, protocols,codec you can set default. My experience we have 100 user, i must share ext,password one by one. Some “new user” complain can you make it more simple just to entry username & password.

Thanks sir

That’s right, when one creates an extension it is possible to send a QR code by email to register it.

The simplest way is with the QR code, they do not need to enter anything, just scan the code and the extension is already configured in the mobile.

Hi Sir,

Thanks for you explanation, it is clear now. I will waiting your release vitxi+ mobile.


Will vitalpbx mobile have a push service for incoming calls or does the app need to be active all the time.
Is there any date when vitalpbx mobile may be come available.

VitalPBX Mobile is now available in beta version in the App Store.
It has Push Notification with VitalPBX.

I don"t see it in the andriod app store, just Communicator & vitxi. is there a way to push this app to my phone.

VitalPBX Mobile is only available for iOS devices. We are still working on the Android version.

Does this new softphone require a Vitxi server license.


No, it doesn’t require a license. Nevertheless, you need a license to enable the push notification option on VitalPBX’s GUI.

That’s a great news.
is there any option rebrand VitalPBX Mobile as well

Hello and welcome to the community @arshadahmad

See the FAQ section: Does the Branding Module also include the Sonata Applications?

Is this a new license “push license” or is it the Vitxi license, I’m a bit confused on what we need to have for 25 softphones, they only need softphones not video or chat, if I use webrct do I need to buy a 100 seat vitix license ? if I use the new softphone what license do I need to but in order to have push for mobile phones?

Branding Module is for other stuff and it dont have any thing mentioned for VitalPbx Mobile?

is any plan to modify/rename Vitxi Client option in extensions module to webrtc client or something else?

Does the name VitalPBX Mobile only apply to the cell phone app or will it also be a new softphone for the PC, if it is a new softphone how do we get it.

Hi Sir,

When you release on android?