VitXi Mobile & VitalPBX Mobile Push Registration issue on iOS

Hi Mo,

Ah good, I was worried I was missing something. Unfortunately no, it is not working. I am certain I must be missing something, I am wondering if it is something to do with the environment I am testing with, it’s an AWS EC2 instance, that is using an Elastic IP for a fixed public IP, otherwise, the IP address of the server instance changes if I have it turned off for any length of time. That did initially cause me a minor challenge or two but I was able to get almost everything working, except for the push notifications. I am not averse to reinstalling VPBX as there is nothing to lose at this point, just in case it is an issue with a previous update.

Also please correct me if I am misunderstanding, is the SessionPush 1.2 meant to be Unreachable or Reachable?

I’m back with the same issue. when app is closed contacts in pbx show red and no calls, when app is open contacts show green and calls work ?

Not sure why there is 3 contacts when app is closed.

Hi GaryC,

I have the same here too, nice to know I am not alone, I am wondering if the three contacts that are unreachable, that show the IP address of the PUsh server are all failed attempts for the Push server to contact the PBX correctly?


I think if for example if you set the Max contacts to 3 for an extension, it allows up to three items to be contactable for that extension. when you open the app, one of the three contacts turns green and shows as contactable and also shows the IP of the SIP device. I wonder if every time the Push server fails to connect it creates another contact and tries again until the Max Contacts for the extension are met?

In your PJSIP Profile check that the parameters “Remove Existing” and “Rewrite Contact” are enabled.

Additionally, check if the push server IP is whitelisted in VitalPBX and any other firewall in front of VitalPBX.

“Remove Existing” and “Rewrite Contact” are enabled here. Push server IP not blocked.

I just checked again as well and can see them being RED as well most of the time. Changinge to green for a few seconds and then back to RED.

Might be an issue everybody is having with latest VitalPBX?

Hi Miguel,

Thanks for the reply, I have checked the device profile that is used by the extensions, it matches your except for the Ice support:

Also, on my AWS EC2 instance, I have already added the Push Server IP address and allowed all traffic through from its IP:

I have also tested the firewall for my EC2 instance by allowing all traffic for everything temporarily, this also made no difference, but it was a great test for the intrusion detection, it blocked 2 different attempts in the 30 mins I had the firewall in that state :smiley:

Hi, I have just been looking deeper into my issue, and with using sngrep, I have spotted MANY attempts from the Push Notification server doing the following:

Does this look right?

2022/02/25 16:13:47.655768 [Private Internal PBX IP]:5060 →
OPTIONS sip:5002@;rinstance=7C48F8B SIP/2.0
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP [Public External PBX IP]:5060;rport;branch=z9hG4bKPjcc3b5818-b247-410e-8706-3158532e64af
From: <sip:5002@[Private Internal PBX IP]>;tag=044b6c51-a506-464e-94db-8ba05df90e2e
To: sip:5002@;rinstance=7C48F8B
Contact: <sip:5002@[Public External PBX IP]:5060>
Call-ID: 33d25769-2bb9-4439-ba63-0eed616c9549
CSeq: 7133 OPTIONS
Max-Forwards: 70
User-Agent: VitalPBX
Content-Length: 0

also this:

SIP/2.0 401 Unauthorized
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP [Private Internal PBX IP]:39291;rport=39291;received=;branch=z9hG4bK-524287-1—b1e7095d09cde536
Call-ID: v8dN4_vP6NKWP0FXQkqw_Q…
From: <sip:5001@[PBX FQDN]>;tag=26f01d71
To: <sip:5001@[PBX FQDN]>;tag=z9hG4bK-524287-1—b1e7095d09cde536
WWW-Authenticate: Digest realm=“asterisk”,nonce=“1645805866/2007780f4bc57f909c7974ad5dc24ce3”,opaque=“4925e2f5168a9795”,algorithm=md5,qop=“auth”
Server: VitalPBX
Content-Length: 0

Max Contacts to 5. This happens:

image is Whitelisted.

VitalPBX has nothing to do with the mobile application issues. We have checked with SessionTalk and it turns out that the Push Server is down again.

We have notified to SessionTalk and we are waiting for them.

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Ah, thank you, Miguel, that would explain a few things.

I hate to ask, is this common? and is it monitored?

It was working fine, but it seems that has become a constant issue. We will have a serious talk with them.

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Now we are using multiple push servers depending on your geographic location. The push should be working now.

Looking good now here. Thanks.

How about the others? @paul_powlo and @Nick_Peeters @GaryC @luis @jony

Hi @miguel , Thank you all seems to be working perfectly for the Android app now, but unfortunately, I still cannot get the iOS app to ring with the push notifications. I have reinstalled the iOS app and registered it to a new extension. I have noticed that there is an additional IP connection I presume as a push service (, I have looked it up and I can confirm that this is a SessionTalk push server, so I have made sure to white list it on Vital and also whitelisted it on my EC2 instance firewall too.

When I push the app to the background on iOS or lock the device, I can see my iOS app contact, de-registering, then is quickly replaced by a contact to a push server, and it is green which is great! however, I still get no push notification through to the iOS device.

App in the foreground:

App in the background/Device locked:


Is there any update on the push registrations for the iOS app, please?


Please see this topic:

Hi @admin

Thank you for the reply, Am in the UK and my VPB instance was using the US east Push server, so I have removed that from my white list and made sure that the two UK IPS are whitelisted now.

I have updated my Vital instance this morning too, to version 3.1.6-1.

I have deleted my extensions and made them fresh, each with 3 contacts. removed and reinstalled the app on my iOS and Android device, scanned the fresh QR Codes, they both register perfectly. But, as soon as my devices go to sleep or the app is pushed to the background the Android app continues to works perfectly and gets the push notifications, but the iOS device does not get any push notifications at all.

while the apps are asleep and dereggistered, I can see that both extensions are registered with a UK push server which is great!


@paul_powlo, this is a known issue. We will report it to the SessionTalk guys.


I saw that there were a few Push servers with two located in the UK recently, but I see that they are no longer on the post here: How to correctly configure VitalPBX Mobile.

Have they gone?
If so, are there any plans to bring them back?
How would I set my instance to prefer a certain push server(s)?


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