VitXi Mobile & VitalPBX Mobile Push Registration issue on iOS

We are having and issue with VitXi Mobile and VitalPBX Mobile where Push Registration Fails on iOS Phone.
The phone receives calls only if the application is opened on the screen (not if minimized nor when the phone is on standby mode).
If we register the same user on an Android Phone (ex: Samsung), Push Registration works perfectly well.

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Are you using the latest version of VitalPBX Mobile?

Did you enable the push notification in the extensions module?

Could you please share screenshots of your extension settings and the Default PJSIP Profile?

Could you check in the VitalPBX mobile if the host is the right one?

Could you run the command below (on Linux CLI) and send me the result?

asterisk -rx"database show devices/PJSIP/2216"

I also noticed that Push Registration on iOS works, but when you end a call, the registration disappears.

Sometimes it returns, but sometimes it only returns on opening the app on the iOS phone.

Also the name of the calling party is displayed without CAPITAL LETTERS.
Only lowercase is showing up.

PS. if i use an other universal (but paid) app, the registration won’t disappear.

And CAPITAL en Lowercase are shown well

What other paid apps do is have an intermediate registration server that simulates that the app is always registered, but in reality it is the registration server that is registered. You can see this in the ip address where the record comes from.
In the case of VitalPBX, as the one that makes the Push Request is the same VitalPBX, this intermediate server is not required.

The VitalPBX Mobile app needs to unregister your session if the apps gets closed or pushed to background, so the server can use push notifications since you are not registered, on iOS all background apps are frozen after 3 seconds, so maybe you are register but the app never going to receive incoming calls. Note that you can enable the background mode that keep you always registered even if you app is in background (not swiped from recents) and still can receive incoming calls without push notifications, but this mode may drain your battery faster.

About capital and lowercase, could you please explain this topic? Your caller name is always lowercased? Or you want to be always in capitalized mode? or…?

I want the upper en lowercase showup in the app the same as written in the PBX.
Now it is only showing lowercase.

If i call to the app, do not answer the call, en hang up on the “sending” side.
I receive the call on my app while it is not running in the backgroud.

When i try to call again, within a minute or so, VitXi doen’t show up at al…

After waiting several minutes and trying again, sometimes it works sometimes i have to wait longer.

Are you using VitXi or VitalPBX Mobile?

We are not doing any additional development for VitXi. We are only working on the VitalPBX Mobile app.

Using VitalPBX Mobile

Well actually the app will show up the name of the contact associated with the SIP number that is calling.

So, for example, if you receive a call from 2000 and you have a contact saved in your device within that SIP number the app going to show his contact name and if is saved in lower case it will show as is.

In other case if you don’t have a contact with that SIP number the app will show only the SIP number that’s coming from server side.

BTW, there is a new app version ready to download, cloud you update and tell us how it’s working?

I am still experiencing problems with VitXi on iOS.

“Ring Device” - “Send Push” - “Vitxi Client” are turned on in the tested extension settings.

When i scan the QR code the app registers as expected.
I completely close the app and place my mobile
When i make a the first call from a fixed phone to the app and the app appears to work.

When i pick-up the call from it works fine, then i stop the call by hanging up and try to call again (few seconds later) , VitXi doesn’t show up at all.
Then i wait for about a couple of minutes, it works again.

As you will understand I checked all of the setting…

There seems to be a issue with the push message after a call…

What can i do to solve this, because my customers can’t rely on this solution for receiving call…

We deprecated VitXi in favor of the VitalPBX Mobile app.

Download the VitalPBX Mobile app and make sure to open the port 3500-3501/TCP in any firewall in front of the VitalPBX server. Additionally, remember to enable the option “Send Push” in the device that you want to use for the mobile app.

We recommend creating a dedicated account for mobile devices, so you shouldn’t use the same account for desktop phones or any other softphone.

Can somebody provide me with te right link to te newest app on the iOS app store?

Because i am trying to use this app:

But this one doesn’t work at all if the screen of my iPhone is turned off.
Doesn’t make a difference if the app is running in the background or not…
Not recieving any incomming calls. (only recieving calls if the app is running in the foreground)
I have checked all the settings on my iPhone and turned on “Send Push” on the extension.
The app is the only device on this user.

port 3500-3501/TCP are open on the server/firewall

See here:

Echoing this issue, looks like if the app is closed or in the background it no longer is registered on the dashboard. The system then does not send a call to the app unless the app is on and in the foreground.

Hi @jony, is the push server whitelisted to be able to access your PBX?

Yep, has been, and they register just fine so long as the app is left open. If you minimize it, go to another app, anything really and it no longer is registered. Which to Vpbx shows as no extension registered and thus it goes straight to voicemail.