VitXi Mobile & VitalPBX Mobile Push Registration issue on iOS

We are having and issue with VitXi Mobile and VitalPBX Mobile where Push Registration Fails on iOS Phone.
The phone receives calls only if the application is opened on the screen (not if minimized nor when the phone is on standby mode).
If we register the same user on an Android Phone (ex: Samsung), Push Registration works perfectly well.

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Are you using the latest version of VitalPBX Mobile?

Did you enable the push notification in the extensions module?

Could you please share screenshots of your extension settings and the Default PJSIP Profile?

Could you check in the VitalPBX mobile if the host is the right one?

Could you run the command below (on Linux CLI) and send me the result?

asterisk -rx"database show devices/PJSIP/2216"