VitXi: Limit 250 WebRTC Clients by server, what to do if we want 950 clients?

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We are going to lauch a big project that could require more than 950 VitXi WebRTC Clients.

  1. Will we be obliged to have 3 Servers for that (250 clients by server) ?
  2. If so, the 3 servers should be in the High Availability scenario or each server can work independently?

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  1. Running 950 endpoints on a single server can work. However, if it’s mission critical then I would anyway split it in multiple servers.
  2. The 3 servers shouldn’t be HA, since it’ll just replicate. I’d do extensions 100-399 on Server-A, 400-699 on Server-B 700-999 on Server-C and then use internal trunks to interconnect them.
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Thanks for the clarification.

Then our Carreer plus offers us only 250 extensions, so if we want more, do we need a new VitXi licence (that we didnt find on the web site VitalPBX Add-Ons Modules | VitalPBX - Advanced PBX System) or we will be obliged to buy a new Carreer Plus Licence?

Then what should be the function of the trunk that will interconnect them instead of let each server work independently?

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AFAIK, you will need a license for each server.

You will need to set the patterns on the outbound routes to match the extension range of the other servers and match to correct trunk. You will also need to enable Intra-Company.

For example, on PBX-A you would need 2 outbound routes:

Name: Route to PBX-B
Pattern: [4-6]XX
Trunk: PBX-B

Name: Route to PBX-C
Pattern: [7-9]XX
Trunk: PBX-C

And so with the rest


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Can please help to check this question also ?

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What if need a single reporting, recording , Switchboard
Can the Addons work on split server and combine the all 3 servers

If you have a super-server with good CPU Speed, Bandwidth, and dedicated resources, you can try hosting the 950 in a single server.

Additionally, in the latest version, we remove the reverse proxy and this now allows a better performance for this app.


Hello dear @miguel , thanks for the clarification.

We are able to get a bigger server with like 64GB RAM minimum and 2Terra SSD

But last question to clarify is, as it seams like the Career Plus Licence allows only 250 VitXi Clients, what should we do then if we get bigger server that can supports 500+ Clients?

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Nope! As far as I know, the Carrier Plus and Call Center Plan allow unlimited devices. The Enterprise plan is the one limited to 250 devices.


Consider the CPU/Clock Speed and threads of your new server. Those properties are essential for Asterisk.

The clock speed should be greater than 4GHZ.

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Thanks a lot, i was wrong thinking there was limitation!


Hello dear @miguel

Thanks for the clarification!
Our actual server’s specifications are bellow:


Intel Xeon-E 2386G - 6c/12t - 3.5 GHz/4.7 GHz

32 Go ECC 3200 MHz


2×512 Go SSD NVMe

Can you help to know if it’s enough to handle 950 VitXi Clients and manage 500+ Concurent Calls?

If not, what could be best upgrade based on above infos?

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I’d be very interested on whether that specification or similar can take that amount of VitXi clients. Concurrent calls you can use the concurrent call script to test the specification.