Questions regarding High Availability on Dedicated Servers for VitalPBX 4

Hello dear team

We are planning to do a move to High Availability as trafic is growing
So we have questions.

Actually we have a « Carrier Plus » licence on a Dedicated Server hosted at

Let’s Call the actual server the Server X.

  1. The High Availability system requires 2 servers at least plus a Floating IP. So when moving to it, will we just need to add 1 more dedicated server with same specs (same RAM, CPU, Storage, etc) and configure the system or will it be fine to add 2 more servers (let’s call them Server Y and Server Z), setup the high availability following the provided tuto, install VitalPBX 4 and then make backup (on Server X) and Import the backup file on servers Y and Z?

  2. If we get 2 fresh servers (added in the same local network), will we be obliged to buy 2 more Licences for them ? Or we can use the one existing Licence on server Y and new Licence on server Z ?

I’m not sure i was very clear but hope you will understand :slight_smile:

Thanks again

Hi there,

Regarding your network and OVH and floating IP, this set of three IPs need to be within the same subnet, meaning, you may have OVH’s for floating IP and then for server X and for server Y, all under the same subnet and all under the same mask I suppose. for as long as the base installations of the system are identical, there should not be a problem adding HA on your system, you may run across a DNS problem with the install wizard but nothing that a quick host file tweak can’t fix.


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