VitXi calls history and contacts and calls

We have a decent size PBX organization. I get/make calls to and from people that I do not have in my contact list in Vitxi.

Why does the call history NOT show the name of the contact? I mean the extension helps, but if the system knows the extension and the person, why not show the name?

Also, in the contact list, why can’t I sort alpha? I’ve added contacts, but I can never find them cause they are out of order. And then I have to click search. Why not just always show the search? and add Alpha sort?

And on that note, why not make the Calls number/dialer allow it search names as I type? I know the name of the person I want to call and can type it in the Caller/Dialer.

Overall, the UI is below average. Some minor improvements would really help.

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Hello sir,

Thank you very much for your comments and suggestions.

We are going to make the respective improvements in the contact lists, the call history, and the dialer.

Soon we will publish a new version that comes with significant improvements in the UI

Best regards!

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