VitalPBX Push Notification server Perfomance


Is anyone else noticing a possible performance issue with the push notifications server? I have noticed many of my mobile apps dropping offline while currently registered to and then coming back online to the push server again, this appears to be intermittent. I don’t believe it to be the connection between the user and push server as they are all on different networks and they are all over the country.

Any insight would be appreciated, as i am looking into how i can set up my own private push notification server for my customers.



I am facing the same issue and it is getting quite annoying too for customers. The performance of the server is not stable and at various periods the push notifications are not working.

We have just migrated the push server to one with more resources. The push IP changed to:, please add it to the white list.
Sorry in advance for the inconvenience.

That’s great news thank you. I have added those details to our whitelist, all seems ok for now, I will monitor it.


So the old IP is no more we can remove it and just replace it with the new one?

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