Vitxi IOS - Session Registration Failed

We are using the Vitxi App which is working fine however with PUSH after a number of days we received “Session Registration Failed”.

The extension is unregistered and then we register it again and it works.

Is there anyway we can stop this.

Is there a setting under PJSIP that we can stop this from happening as customers are complaining

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We recommend using VitalPBX Mobile as we no longer support VitXi +

If we use VitalPBX then it eliminates the use of paying for a whitelabel control panel as it allows customers to know what portal we use?

Hello team
We are using the VitalPBX application as well and having same issue.

When we receive these notification then onces we open the app, it again register.
seams like when app is running in background, sometime it fails to register.


Please check this. It was posted today:

Thanks, we have whitelisted the IP, let’s see if we will have same issue again

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