Vitalpbx Communicator

Would it be possible to add a setting for Ring device in the audio settings. If a user is using a headset they can not hear the phone ring if the have taken off the headset, most softphone have this including your vitxi webrtc.

We have a version that is in testing right now that comes with a couple of changes, and what you request is one of the changes. The one of the other change is blind transfer.

Below is the url for you to download.

Please report any Issue as it is a beta version.

We also already tested it on Windows 11

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Ver 2.5
Blind transfer blf button to 701 (park location) does park the call but does not end the call on softphone you have to press the hangup button.

If you have set the blf button to do blind transfer you can not use it to dial extension, it would be nice if it worked like blf’s on a yealink phone, if idle do a blind transfer, if in use call the extension. (wish list)

When on a call the transfer icon is unusable only icon that works is hold.

When I refer to Blind Transfer it is without the need for BLF.
You make the first call on Line 1, then you press Line 2 and when you start dialing the number to transfer, the large transfer button should be activated.

OK, yes the transfer icon works when dialing how you explaned, but seems odd as most phone users would look to press transfer before dialing the destination.

Odd issue, when i call an extension and hangup before they answer and now I call another extension it uses the call2 button, when I finish with that call the call1 button flash’s red ? the only way to stop it flashing is to exit and restart soft phone. also if i hungup on the second call before they answer I would have 2 flashing buttons. If I check vitalpbx for active calls it shows none.

In the case of transfer, I don’t know if you have tried putting a call on hold on a phone before transferring, it becomes a mess when you want to transfer it. This was the easiest way to achieve blind or supervised transfer in the same action.

Regarding the second line, we have not been able to reproduce it.

I have the pc softphone as a second device on a pjsip account for a desktop phone, does it have to be a seperate account like the cell app.

There’s no need.
I tell you that we have already added the Parking option that you requested, between today and tomorrow we will be able to update you so that you can do tests.

Will park option be available as ver 2.6 on repo


We made the changes as you suggested, now the blind transfer is pressed first the Transfer button and then the number is called.

This update also includes what you requested from the parking lot.

Please do the tests and give us your comment.

This is the download link.


I have installed ver 3.0.1 and there is a issue when dialing with computer keyboard, if I use keyboard to dial another extension(302 enter) all is OK but after I hangup when I press another digit to make another call the firts digit is duplicated ie: i press 3 but 33 is inserted.

Also if I use cut and paste it places 2 calls at the same time.