VitalPBX 4 PJSIP & Callcentric Not Working

Is anyone able to share a working configuration of VitalPBX 4 using PJSIP connecting to Callcentric? There is no documentation and I’ve tried to piece things together from other examples, but absolutely nothing is working. I’ve also followed this forum article and still not working: Setting up callcentric extension as an inbound trunk
If someone would write a “how-to” with screenshots it would be awesome.
I’ve had a ticket open with Callcentric for a few days and they haven’t been able to help yet. I installed VitalPBX 3.0 just to see if it worked with SIP and I was able to get it to register so I know my connection and authentication is correct.
I’m so frustrated I’m tempted to use paid support, but not sure if they can even get it working since there’s no other docs yet. Any help is appreciated! Thanks

What information have you got from callcentric? Are you using IP auth?

Callcentric uses registration with auth user/pass.
This is their most recent documentation:, but it’s for SIP with VPBX 3.0 and don’t have any docs for 4.0. I might just switch to Voxtelesys - I emailed them because they also don’t have documentation for 4.0, but their head of support said they had it set up in their lab and were working on updated docs and were sure they could get it working for me.
The Callcentric support tech that’s been helping me hasn’t seemed to have much of a clue and they don’t seem as willing to work with me - I even offered to give access to my test server since they weren’t testing on their own. If anyone can provide updated information for Callcentric with PJSIP it would be great!

I have CallCentric working on multiple PBX’s should be able to help get your working as well, 918-899-4315 is my cell is you want to call me directly.

Hi @neosmart ,

Were you able to get your trunk connected?

We have updated our written trunk configuration guide for 4.0 and have tested it in our lab.

Let us know if you need any help! Support: 8558698353


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