Visual dial plan generator

What would be absolutely game changing to me is a visual diagram generator for dial plans. I.e. it looks at an inbound round and generates a diagram for its flow. It makes troubleshooting dial plans so much easier for complex routing in systems.


A Hungarian VoIP service provider already did it. :smiley: It’s posible to create very complex dial plans or IVR. As many as you want and you can connect each other.

We made something work in Vitalpbx :slight_smile:


Absolutely agree. Found an older post by @mo10 that shows something like this, but the post was closed in June last year and I can’t find any other info on it:

Do you have any resources as to where we can get this potentially?

We are in contact with the VitalPBX Team.

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how to get this ?

could i use for survey ro like something ?