Google TTS in recordings management

Hi, sure:

Flow is a 3rd Party extension to VitalPBX that allows a visual approach to configuring and managing the underlying asterisk dialplans by providing flowchart like visual graphs and a set of tools to configure the various VitalPBX modules in an intuitive and seamless way.

Visualize and edit even the most complicated call-flows of which you would lose track otherwise. Time is money: you will save time creating, changing and reviewing call-flows.

Main Features

  • installable on new or existing Installations (v3 or v4)
  • Automatic holidays from all over the world
  • Normalize, add silence to sound files
  • Multi-tenant capable
  • Duplicate modules: IVR, Queue, Trunks and Ring Group
  • Trunk templates / presets
  • Let’s you undo or redo changes
  • Calendar add-on
  • Better Time Groups
  • Text to Speech Recording Generator
  • Route Visual graphs
  • All Inbound Routes visual in an overview

What do you think?