Sonata Stats is not showing agents status

Community edition (8 agents), extension is assigned in the queue as Dynamic and logged in *52 then 1 as agent.

Sonanta stats are detecting the number of agents but in Availability it is not showing any agents, PBX settings and sync is OK

any ideas ?


Could you please confirm if the same happens in the other reports in the agents section.

Yes, not showing agents or queue stats in any report

We’ll need to take a look at the data, could you please send us an anydesk id to log on your server’s database please.

it is very strange, there is no shift list but I have to click on shift then search, agents are showing up now, not sure, if this is a bug


Hey @ARehman, I removed your post that contained your any desk ID.

Please NEVER post your ID on any public forum.

how can I send you anydesk ID ? let me know when you are available ? I am in eastern timezone…

You can contact me at, we are available from 8am to 5pm us central standard time.

Hi, I just installed Sonata Stats to test before we purchase but I’m encountering similar issues, The only figures I appear to get are “Outgoing Calls Details” everything else appears to be blank.
Call Reports Summary show 2 queues considered but all stats are 0.
Incase it matters, I’ve just upgraded from VitalPBX 2 to 3 using the update script below