Sonata Stats is not showing agents status

Community edition (8 agents), extension is assigned in the queue as Dynamic and logged in *52 then 1 as agent.

Sonanta stats are detecting the number of agents but in Availability it is not showing any agents, PBX settings and sync is OK

any ideas ?


Could you please confirm if the same happens in the other reports in the agents section.

Yes, not showing agents or queue stats in any report

We’ll need to take a look at the data, could you please send us an anydesk id to log on your server’s database please.

it is very strange, there is no shift list but I have to click on shift then search, agents are showing up now, not sure, if this is a bug


Hey @ARehman, I removed your post that contained your any desk ID.

Please NEVER post your ID on any public forum.

how can I send you anydesk ID ? let me know when you are available ? I am in eastern timezone…

You can contact me at, we are available from 8am to 5pm us central standard time.

Hi, I just installed Sonata Stats to test before we purchase but I’m encountering similar issues, The only figures I appear to get are “Outgoing Calls Details” everything else appears to be blank.
Call Reports Summary show 2 queues considered but all stats are 0.
Incase it matters, I’ve just upgraded from VitalPBX 2 to 3 using the update script below

Hi All!
Same bug. 16 agents, not showing agents any status. Please help me!

Please check the agent synchronization section and make sure you have selected all 16 agents.

Sure. This is was done before.
Other reports (Dashboard, Call Report, Traffic) show, for 16 agents all info.

it would be too easy.
Of course, we pressed the sync button.
It is in AGENTS that we have no data.
BUT In other sections there is information.

Are your agents set as static or dynamic? in this case the agent session and pause reports only work with dynamic agents

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transferred all operators in the queue to the DYNAMIC state - and the calls were no longer distributed.
what needs to be done so that the queue distributes calls and at the same time information about agents is displayed in the statistics?

Plz help. Call centre can not work with dynamic agents

Becaus ethey need to login to the queue after setting them as Dynamic agents…

Do not work. Agent’s made logout, then done setting as Dynamic, then update system, then agent’s login.
They awaiting in avaible state, calls collect in queue, but do not ditribute to awaiting agent.

The most enhanced call center call distribution is figuring out the right ring strategy along with Dynamic Agents. In my opinion, the most ideal call center should be the following: Ring Strategy = rrmemory, Skip Busy = enabled, wrap up time = reasonable time. but obviously, it is not for every situation.

Once you do like I mentioned, your reports will also be very accurate. Menaing, there’s no such a thing that a call rings an agent and they weren’t supposed to answer. If an agent didn’t answer a call that rang by them, they can be held accountable…

How do you get in queue? where should it be done?