Sonata Dialer for Survey (Not Agent Survey)

Is it possible we can generate an auto outbound campaign to achieve the following

  1. Upload customer list
  2. Once customer answer the call, the call should go to IVR or if we can create survey
  3. IVR or Survey will ask,if you are satisfied press one and if not satisfied press 2

After the above action we want to get the report as possible
Appreciate if anyone can share the solution

This kind of sounds pretty easy,
Instead of an Agent, it must be possible to define a different destination and combine with IVR-Stats.

Don’t know if this is possible right now or in the near future?

Not sure but the issue is report
you have any idea if i can route the call to IVR and we can get some sort of report

But is Sonata Dialer able to send to IVR as Destination?


We are planning to add that feature in a future release

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are you referring to Auto outbound Survey feature ?

The intention is to make calls from one of the destinations