Sonata Dialer for Survey (Not Agent Survey)

We have made some progress but UI still needs work, we’ll try to release the feature before the end of the year

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Hello Roger,
Are we still on track ? also i would appreciate if you guys can officially launch a blog or link where we can see the Vitalpbx roadmap or upcoming solution/feature , this is very import for us to keep our customer updated for their new requirements.

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Unfortunately we won’t be able to release it this month, my estimate is between january and february

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Hello Roger,

Any update ?

We are in the testing phase, we hope to have this update ready for next month


Hello Roger

Any update on this ?

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We are conducting the final tests related to this module on our development servers in order to publish this new feature as soon as possible.

Once it is available, I will let you know through this thread.

Best regards!

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Hello dear @maynor

I see that it was pushed, this is a good news

Can you tell the process to upgrade the same?


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Yes! The new release of Sonata Dialer ( Sonata Dialer 4.0.1-2) is now available!

You can proceed to update in the addons module of VitalPBX:

/Admin/Add-ons, Click on “Check Online” button and update the app.

Afterwards, execute the following command in the server terminal:
systemctl restart sonata-dialer-worker

Full changelog: Sonata Dialer | VitalPBX - Advanced PBX System


Hello dear team

Thanks for this great progress
Can we have a link for a step by step tuto on how to launch a broadcast campaign please?

Thanks a alot



We are working on a video tutorial for this module and will publish it as soon as possible.