Recording Sync users error

When trying to sync users to team, 2 of the extensions won’t sync.
The error it shows is blank:

Hi Ales,

What version of VitalPBX and Recordings are you using?


PBX Carrier Plus 3.2.2-1
Asterisk 18.10.0-1
DAHDI 2.11.1-7

Recordings: Version: 3.0.2-1

I have to add that there are more extensions that cannot be synced.

Maybe is a database issue with your language characters. What’s your native language? or the language you are using in the name of your extensions?

Language is Slovenian, code page 852/1250/8859.

I tested and if extension has š and ž character then all is fine.

Error arises with č, ć and đ character:

What about empty error message?