One Way Audio - STUMPED

Hey Guys,
I have VitalPBX Setup on bare metal with a public IP sitting in a data center so none of the the extension are local, all are remote. I am doing testing and have a few extensions here at my home office. I can call in and setup voicemail and audio works fine, but when I call the other extension I only get audio coming from the extension I called. The audio from the caller doesn’t go out.
The Extensions are using PJSIP.
I have the Static IP placed in the PJSIP Profile.
RTP Symmetric YES
Force RPort YES
Rewrite Contact YES

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advanced.


Have you configured all the required port forwarding in your datacenter router? Have you opened all the required ports in any firewall in front of the PBX?

Have you configured the NAT settings in the PJSIP Settings module?

What version of VitalPBX are you using?

Please see here and report back. Send screenshots of your setup here.

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