No sound on External Devices - Beginner Help

Howdy partners,
I’ve mange to install and configure VitalPBX on a VM a using my ISP Router to forward the needed ports to use with the Public IP Address.
If using a device on the local network I have sound, but If I register an external device which I’ve successfully registered I do not (have sound).
Any ideas what could cause this problem? Any help would be much appreciated.

What ports did you forward?

Assuming you are using PJSIP (which you should), did you configure the local and WAN address in the PJSIP settings?


And for PJSIP and SIP this Video gives you good hints:

Keep us updated!

Forgot about this. Thank you guys for being helpful! the video above me would sure be useful for future setups. If I remember correctly it was indeed PJSIP Port forwarding. Amazing software, looking forward to see it grow.

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