No updates? UI and features still subpar

Will there ever be an update to Vitxi? It doesn’t seem like it. There are still some odd behaviors in the UI and issues.

Based on what do say that there won’t ever be any updates?

Can you please link the reported odd behaviors and issues so we can understand what you are referring to?

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  • Password reset? or SSO
  • VitXi calls history and contacts and calls
  • The fact that sometimes you have to click off/back on items in order for the UI to update
  • The two keypads, one for calling, and one for in call
  • Contacts, search, alpha sort
  • Just general usability

Just a few examples…

We’ve been waiting for an update, but sadly our users have lost confidence. Before we pull the plug, I thought I’d just check. We’ll be spending $250,000/year to move to GV, 8x8 or Zoom. I was hoping VitalPBX and VitXi would be a long term solution for us, but ultimately, I think we need a more active and supported solution.

This exists and works fine.

This seems like the only bug in your list. Was this ever reported?

See. From your list, most of them are feature requests, some were never mentioned or were not clearly described in the forums.

Is VitXi is a working product? Yes. Is it a perfect product? Depends for who… We have several users using them on day to day basis with no issues. And on the other hand we have had a potential client who their call flow, queues and other stuff were a mess, but rejected the offer because the icons weren’t “modern enough”.

Yes, there’s always room for improvement, and there’s always room for new features. But I wouldn’t call something close to “buggy” when it actually isn’t and when most the “odd behaviors” were never reported.

Wait. Are you selling VitalPBX as a million dollar system?
VitalPBX does not offer half of the features that 8x8 or the big players are offering. You cannot compare VitalPBX to 8x8, Genesys, TalkDesk etc.
The same goes the other way around. VitalPBX allows you to build your own complexed dialplans, ARI apps etc. and allows you to host it in your garden. It’s a total different idea…

Finally, if you do have a budget, contact VitalPBX sales, tell them your needs/requirements and perhaps sponsor specific features that are important to you. (I know of specific features that were sponsored in the past. That may have changed now)


  • You can’t compare VitalPBX to million dollar systems
  • You can’t complain about something when it was never reported
  • I agree that there’s room for improvements and new features
  • If you’ve got the money and VitalPBX can deliver your requirements for the next 4 years. Perhaps offer them a million dollars? :wink: everyon here will benefit from that. :wink:

Thank you for your input. You’ve been an active and somewhat helpful community member, and I appreciate that.


  • Try not to be so condescending
  • Maybe wait to reply until VitalPBX responds officially about the next Vitxi update before hijacking a thread with your views
  • When one of your potential clients rejects a solution for similar reasons that I’m inquiring about when updates are expected… stop, take a breath and realize that not everyone thinks the way you do
  • Where did I call it “buggy”
  • Maynor said on Feb 4th “Soon we will publish a new version that comes with significant improvements in the UI”
  • The last Vitxi update was Jan 5th - VitalPBX Phone System | Change Log

Hello Sir,

As PitzKey rightly mentions, the password reset functionality is available as of version 1.0.4-1 released on February 1, 2021.

The rest are enhancements and some UI changes.

We are aware that different parts of the interface need to be improved, however we have been working on and prioritizing the change of the PBX operating system among other improvements that include the other Sonata Suite applications and this has been time consuming.

These are the VitXi WebRTC issues reported in the forum:

Each of these topics were addressed in due time, you can check them by going to each topic page.

The other topics you have reported to us have been about new features and UI changes. Each new feature takes time to implement and and can’t be guaranteed to be implemented in the short term.

However, we have not stopped working on bug fixes and improvements in VitXi WebRTC (which require time to be tested and verify that everything works as expected).

We will be releasing a new update within the next few weeks, at the beginning of the upcoming month.

@PitzKey do you take this as May or June?

We are still in the first half of May @JO_CPA… But hey, you can wait till June to install the update, if you like :wink: .

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Very cool. Kind of makes me sad though…
The decision has already been made by executive to move away from Vital.
I probably won’t even see the new Vitxi at this point. We’ll be spinning up our new Phone service very soon so I doubt we’ll install these.

Good luck with the project.