Mobile integration/routing, Feature request (payable)

We are running several MVNOs throughout Europe and the US.
we have been looking at, and testing your system, and see it is a potential replacement for our current platform.

However, since we a MVNO, we need mobile calls (GSM) to run through the platform.
Basically the callflow would be

(inbound and outbound)

GSM network—>GSM to SIP converter —> SBC → VITALPBX → SBC → Termination point.

Today, on our current solution, also Asterisk basedm we have solved it via using “custom extension” that is connected/attached to the user like anyother IP phone.

I see it work with a extra function under “Devices” - where you can add the mobile number of the user and what route/operator it should be routed by.

The routing is controlled under “external” with a menu point, called “mobile”, here you can add the different operators with name,IP, prefix (is needed)

E.g. T-mobile & AT&T

So you choose new device:
Choose mobile
Input mobile number
choose operator

and save

How can you help us, solved this ?
As more and more mobile networks, are using GSM → SIP (instead of e.g. SS7 etc.), we would ofcourse be happy to pay for such feature.
When it was made on our current platform, it took apx. 5 hours to implement,

NB: This is not possible to solved using a “softphone” etc. on the mobile. It must be as desribed above

Hi Mads,

I have a bit of trouble understanding your setup and request.

Is it that you want to have a device with a custom dial string? So when you have an incoming call the PBX calls that device’s custom IP:Port? And assumingly you want the same the opposite, that when IP:Port calls, it should show up as an extension placing a call on the PBX?

Can you please prove an example of the following?

Let’s say 8880001234 is a mobile phone.
What would be the call flow/route/steps that would happen is 8880001234 tries to call a landline 7776660000?
And also, what would happen on the opposite, a landline 7776660000 calls 8880001234 ?


Mobile setup for a given number A is call processing when:

  • all calls to number A are handled by PBX

  • all calls from number A are handled by PBX

So basically we have a mobile gateway that sends all calls from A and to A towards PBX. PBX should recognize these calls and apply logic to them.

For incound calls, PBX handles such call the same way as calls from DID number

For outbound calls, PBX should handle such call as a call from extension. (DID and extension are the same number)


3 questions:

  1. Can you show us how such an endpoint looks on your current system?
  2. Is it possible to use something like Kamailio that will do the registration to VitalPBX and setup the route to the mobile based on whatever identifier you have on your current SBC.
  3. If you can implement Kamailio, then perhaps you can use Kamailio to replace the need of a B2BUA.
  1. Yes, more than happy too - When?
  2. No, that will not be possible

Not sure what you mean. Post it here.

@Mads_Mortensen It could implement what you need. However, we need your support to obtain more information in this regard, starting with what @PitzKey asked you in point 1.

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Reg. Point 1

Can you see it in our current system?
Yes, I am more than happy to show you.
When will it suit your plans?

Post here on the forum an example of how one endpoint looks like in the Asterisk config.

Ist this not a normal sip registration?

Else u can use a a SBC maybe kamailio…?

No, it is not a sim registration.
This is not “sim simbox” and similar.

We are an mvno /operator, hence the setup

I will need to show you on a screenshare or similar

Basically all mobile calls originated from a mobile, is routed via our SBC to the pbx.
The pbx regonizes what extension/user the mobile is a part of, based on the mobile number.
And routing is done accordingly.

If call originates from a other party the call it routed to the pbx, and then extension the did is routed to.

If the extension have, let’s say 1 iPphone and one mobile ,the call is sent to the IP phone, and the mobile call is routed to the mobile sbc

If you use now a Asterisk PBX you can megrate to VitalPBX,

So your GSM is converted to SIP, and when its SIP you can implement ist in VitalPBX
And you also can use VitalPBX (Asterisk as a simple - SIP-Router…)

Maybe you don’t need to modifiy the Webinterface, and when u now Vital good, you can use it whit out modify.

Witch system u use on the moment?

Again, please post the endpoint config.

We are using MIRTAPBX

can not share it, as I do not have access to it

but how to I “attach it” to a user/extension ?