Mobile and Connect app

I am using the community edition . I can connect via third party softphones apps. I am trying to setup the Vitalpbx mobile or connect app.

I am testing everything internally so there should not be any network firewall issues.

I setup Vitxi and can use it on my deskptop.

I setup and extension and enabled the mobile client. I got connect to scan the qr code. It then shows a long username and a blanked out passcode. When I click the checkmark it says provision and then account validation failed. I tried it both as PJSIP and Webrtc profile. I tried the Mobile app as well that just make a buzzing sound when it scans the code and nothing happens

Does the community edition support this?

Connect App is using the internet.

Thanks I set the firewalls rules and took my phone off of wifi.

I scan the QR code. It goes to a screen with the username being a bunch of random letters and number and the password not visable. If I hit the checkmark it says provisioning this may take a while then Error Account Validation Failed.

If I try using the Vitalpbx mobile app and just get a buzzing sound when I try to scan it.

I currently only forwarded ports 3500 and 3501 RTP port range and TLS ports. Do I need to allow HTTPS through or anything else?

What is causing the vitralpbx mobile app to just buz is it a different qr code?

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These are the ports I have forwarded to get the Connect app to work:
3500-3501TCP, 5060-5061UDP and 10000-20000UDP

However I have experienced the same issue with the buzzing using the Mobile App that you are currently having. The QR codes that are generated are for the Connect App once it is installed in the Addons section. I am not sure if the Mobile App QR codes stop being generated once Connect is installed. Based on the configuration steps that were outlined below, it is possible:

Edit: I just checked it, it seems Connect replaces the Mobile App in VitalPBX version 4. On the Google Play store, the app states in the About Section:

About this app

VitalPBX Mobile is a powerful softphone designed for your VitalPBX phone system. Easily register your extension using our QR code, make audio and video calls to other extensions in the office, and communicate with co-workers using our chat feature.

Important: This app only works with VitalPBX v3.

If you want to learn more go to

I think this answers your question if you are using V4 and not V3.

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