How do I do a satisfaction survey in VitalPBX at the end of a call?

To make a customer satisfaction survey involved three modules:

  • Queue
  • IVR
  • IVR Stats

The first thing you have to do is install the IVR Stats module, go to Admin/Add-Ons/Add-Ons and search for IVR Stats and install it.

Then create an IVR where the options are configured with a message that says, for example, “if you are satisfied with the antencion, dial one, otherwise dial 2”. We create options 1 and 2 so that they are directed to an announcement that says "Thank you"and then hang up the calls. Finally select the Generate Stats option.

Now we create a Queue with some static agents and in the “After Agent Hangup Destination” we select the IVR previously created.

We make a few calls and select the options and then go to Report/IVR Reports/IVR Stats and select the IVR and we will get the desired report.