DSS Keys Overide

Hey All,

So found an issue when provisioning a client.

We set up a Global Template for a phone model (yealink in this case)

We set up the first 10 keys as they are the same across the board for most phones. However when we then go to the device configuration and override a key with something different the phone looses the key order. All keys are on the phone but its just a random order.

If I override all keys it works fine on a particular phone.

This has led me to set up 30+ phones and configure each phones keys temporarily but i would like to make sure of the global config and only override keys for certain users.

Any ideas or are you aware of this issue?

Thank You

Thanks for reporting it. We will check it!

Could be the same issue but @TBG explained it better.

@TBG can you check if the “workaround” works for you?

Yes looks to be the same issue. Maybe we could merge the posts?

i wont be able to check this until the weekend possibly. I have an older model yealink so ill test that when back in the office tomorrow.