Calling Tenant to Main Bug

Hi Guys,

Potential bug when configuring route between tenant and main PBX. No call tenant-to-main work, but main to tenant does.

According to my logs, I have this:
In the T2-outbound context, there is no other entry beside invalid.

exten => i,1,Goto(invalid-dest-cos,s,1)

So, any call from the renter to the main work.

Workarround: I have included incoming-calls in T2-outbound context.

exten => i,1,Goto(invalid-dest-cos,s,1)
include => incoming-calls

Did I catch a bug?

No, is not an issue.

The current implementation doesn’t allow calling the primary tenant from sub-tenants. The initial idea was using the primary tenant as an outbound proxy.

I am confused as we just tested this, as we are the main client and if our clients couldn’t call us that would be a bad thing, anyways we seem to have no problem calling the primary tenant from our sub tenant. Under what conditions does this issue appear?

Is there any documentation on multi-tenant we should be reading first? We have been unable to find much except a quick YouTube video.

Sub Tenants cannot use Tenant Trunks to call the primary tenant. Nonetheless, with the latest feature included on VitalPBX (Route Calls to Tenant DIDs Internally), the sub-tenants should call the primary tenant using the DID Numbers assigned to it.

Ok, we wanted to do tenant trunks originally for ease of management by client admins but you told us in a different thread that is not the way to set up tenants that all trunks need to be on the main and then use outbound routing to get it to the tenant. This is why I asked if there is a manual because the answers seem to change.

All depends on what you want to achieve. Defining trunks in the main tenant is what we recommend to connect your tenants with the VoIP providers.

Now, here your question is how to call the primary tenant from sub-tenans, and the answer is to enable the feature to route calls to tenant’s DID internally.

Again, all depends on what you want to achieve.