Callback from voicemail

How do I call back a caller that left a voicemail from the voicemail. In WebRTC, there is no “telephone” when viewing the message. Is there a feature code?

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Currently, no, but we will be adding a button to call from the visual voicemail in the next version.


So if it is at all possible, can you also add a text option. It is a large medical office and they do a lot of callbacks. The addition of the texting support is great but getting the phone numbers into the sip text area is difficult for the medical personal. Currently there is not even a way to copy the telephone number so that you can paste in the sip text or in the call context.


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We will also add the option of SIP (text) messages from the phonebooks.

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OK … but are talking in both the WebRTC application AND in the PBX Voicemail Portal. If that is possible, that would be best as both those using WebRTC and a physical SIP phone could call back or text the patient that left the message. If not possible, then just enabling ability to copy the telephone number showing in the voicemail “from” field would be a helpful first step. Call back from the PBX voicemail portal would have to call the associated vmail phone, then connect the patient I guess? iSymphony does this if you are familiar with that.


The Asterisk Voicemail has the feature to callback the number after hearing the voicemail.

You can enable this in the Voicemail tab of your extensions.

will you add in next update or in the major version?