VitXi WebRTC (4.1.0-0) update available!

This update introduces new features, including event logs, welcome emails, and enhanced role management for chat permissions. Issues have been fixed to improve overall functionality and user experience. Enjoy a more streamlined and efficient application with these updates.

We thank our amazing community for their continued support and valuable feedback. You help us make our applications even better!

For a complete list of changes, see the full changelog: VitXi | VitalPBX Phone System | Change Log

How to Update:

  • Log in to your VitalPBX.
  • Go to Admin > Add-ons.
  • Click the “Check Online” button and update the VitXi WebRTC app.

After updating, the current session will likely be invalidated, and you will need to log out and log back in due to certain security enhancements we have made. Therefore, we recommend logging out and logging back in.

Additional Notes:

  • For the Event Logs module to function correctly, VitalPBX version 4.1.0 R1 or higher is required.

  • Verifying that you have configured the time zone for your administrator user who will access the Event Logs module is recommended:

  • Ensure that you have configured the “Mail Settings” (Manage > Mail Settings) so that email sending functions correctly.



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