Yealink T33G and T46U Wallpaper issue

VitalPBX v4.0.7-1 with the provisioning addon. Currently running in Trial mode.
I was working on setting wallpaper on the Yealink T33G and T46U phones Friday and had very little luck. I sized the images to what I believe to be appropriate, uploaded them in the provisioning templates and applied the templates to the phones. When I view each phones configuration file under Provisioning it does show the wallpapers being set:

wallpaper_upload.url = http://x.x.x.x/provisioning_resources/wallpapers/wallpaper-twx7dfo2.jpg
phone_setting.backgrounds = Config:wallpaper-twx7dfo2.jpg

If I go on the phones web page or through their settings menu I can even see the wallpaper has been uploaded and I can select it if I wish (so the custom wallpaper file does function on the phone). However it will not SET the phone to the custom wallpaper.

Am I just missing something simple? Is this a trial period limitation? We did get wallpaper to work on a Yealink T58W.

Try matching the megapixels according to your phone model.

  • SIP-T57W/T48S/T48G/T48U/T46U:<=2.0 megapixels;
  • for SIP-T54W/T46G/T46S/T29G: <=1.8 megapixels;SIP-T54S/T52S:<=4.2 megapixels;

Moreover, the file size must be less or equal to 5MB.

Try the tool below.

Thank you for the response. Unfortunately I was already meeting those requirements.