Yealink 24hr & 12hr Time Reversed

Seems to be on VitalPBX GUI settings for Yealink, the 24hr time and 12hr time is backwards. If I set VitalPBX template to 24hr time, I get 12 hr time on the phone. If I set it to 12hr time, I get 24hr time on the phone. I’ve only tested this on Yealink T46U and T33G.

The config line “local_time.time_format” should be 0 for 12 hour time and 1 for 24 hour time.

Test examples:

Ignore my commented-out line. I was using that for testing.

VitalPBX set to 12 hour time. Config is showing 1 for 24hr time.

And viceversa. GUI set for 24hr time and resulting config is set to 12hr time.

Screenshot from the phone when VitalPBX template was set to 12hr time:


What’s your vitalpbx version?

Try the following:

cd /usr/share/provisioning

php artisan tinker

use App\PhoneModel

PhoneModel::where(‘brand_id’, 6)->update([‘date_format’ => [‘12 Hour’ => 0, ‘24 Hour’ => 1]])

that should update the date format with the correct values

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I just did an update to PBX 4.0.7-1 and it’s fixed.

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