Witxi WebRTC app from Microsoft Store is issues

Hi Team,

I have installed the Witxi WebRTC app from Microsoft Store, and the app has some issues:
WebRTC Soft Phone from Microsoft Store:

  • Can’t see status Agent and Agent don’t register
  • Agent can’t logout
  • Agent don’t auto login queue

May you check?

Best Regards.

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Hi Sir!

Currently, the VitXi desktop application is not compatible with the latest server connection changes.

However, you can still install VitXi as if it were a native desktop application (this is possible on both Windows and Mac). Instructions on how to do this can be found at the following link: VitXi Installation Guide

We recommend this option so that you can enjoy the latest features and improvements of VitXi.

We will work to update the Windows application to make it compatible with the recent changes.


Hi @maynor

Thanks for your information.

Best Regards.

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