Witxi WebRTC add module Switchboard

Hi Team,

Does Witxi WebRTC add a module Switchboard to see the Queue Wallboard and Queue Member Summary?

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Currently, no, but we will discuss it with the development team,


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I really agree with your request, from Vitxi you can open the monitoring module, if you need spy, hangup etc, you don’t need to open 2 URL tabs or don’t need to log in to Sonata statistics.

I also hope that the Sonata Switchboard can be exported so that it can be accessed from a public URL. For example: The monitoring Extension “Panel” can share its public URL so that it can be embedded in other applications.

Currently, because vitalpbx is modular, there are too many logins to vitxi, sonata stats, recording, switchboard, etc.

For example, we have a “Career Plus” license. When a Supervisor needs access to Vitxi, monitoring, dialer, then he has to log in to a different URL, he should be able to SSO to other modules :slight_smile:


Hi @x_mos ,

Thanks for your support :slight_smile:

Best Regards.

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Thank you for your suggestion!

We will discuss it with the development team,

Best regards!

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Hi @maynor

Do your team already include this request to your roadmaps?


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Hello, Sir,

Currently, we are prioritizing new features and fixes that we will release in the next version of VitXi. However, your request is on our list for future implementations.


Hi @maynor,

Does your team have any new updates on this request?

Thanks & Regards.

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Sorry for the delay in the response,

At the moment, we don’t have an update regarding this feature request. We’ve been prioritizing other features such as the SMS and WhatsApp module.

We will revisit this feature request with the team.


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