Wish Sonata Dialer

Hi All & Vitalpbx Team,

Here’s my suggestion regarding the sonata dialer

  1. Design Form
    I can’t make a dynamic form like the picture below



  1. Customer List
    If we talk about Telemarketing System or Collection System, generally the data format is
    contract_number / customer_id, name, address, phone1,phone2, phone3, etc
    Example :
    11111,John,Jl Tuberang No 32, 94111,94222,94333
    Every time you make a call to each number, it will usually input the call result.

If the customer has 3 phone numbers and the agent calls each number, there will be 3 call results or maybe more, so the call history will be like this

Contract_number,phone_number, reason,agent_id,note
11111, 94111, Invalid Number,agent1,etc
11111, 94112, Short Call,agent1,etc
11111, 94113, Voicemail,agent1,etc
11111, 94113, Drop Call,agent1,Customer Hangup Call

so there will be 2 buttons, the first button is “Save” and the second button is “Save And Next”

We can define/set primary key : example : contract_number

Save → will save the call result for the number dialed
Save And Next → will save the call result for the number dialed then will go to the next contact

  1. Each Form has an API URL

Example :

API URL : https://example.com/form1/data.php

I can choose which fields to send to the API

Example : https://example.com/form1/data.php?contract_number=11111&phone=94111&reason=paid&date=2022-09-31&amount=200&&agent_id=user1&uniquid=131231.1312

Every time the agent presses the “save” button it will trigger the API URL and sent all payload (parameter)

  1. The customer list has priority, the highest priority will be called first.

  2. Embedded URL FORM

I can create my own form by embedding the URL
The goal is: I am more free to program myself according to my needs, such as example 1.

You can provide an API to get the next contact.

Every time the dialer makes a call, you can send a key parameter that has been defined previously, for example: contract_number plus call_id/uniquid, agent_id

  1. Call Detail

Call Details, you can add more detailed information such as CDR

For example :

agent_id, dialed_number, start_time, end_time, pdd, talktime, ring_time, hangup_side, sip_cause_code, call_id/uniquid,recording_path,file_size


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Hi Vitalpbx,

How about my wish, the main priority is point 1 (design form) and point 3?


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At this moment, we can only process this as a feature request.

We are working on various big projects for VitalPBX,


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