Wish List: Ring Group "Last Destination" option for External Number

It would be helpful if Ring Groups had a “Last Destination” option for External Numbers. I realize there is an External Number option on Ring Groups but that seems to only allow external numbers to be rang at the same time as other extensions rather than as a “Last Destination.”

You can create a virtual or custom extension which calls the external number and then point the failover destination to that extension.

Thank you for the feedback.
I realize we can work around the absence of having an external number option as a Ring Group’s “Last Destination” using call forwarding on an unused extension. Other asterisk implementations support “external number” as an option for the Last/Final Destination in Ring Groups and it makes it easier. It should be an easy thing to add and would make things a little easier.

You can create a custom destination with your external number, and then use it as the Last Destination in your ring group.

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