Wish embeb webrtc as iframe on crm

Hi Vitalpbx

After following vitalpbx for almost 1 year and seeing customer needs, on average they need a mobile application (vitxi) webrtc. But the features that exist today are not sufficient.

the need is for collectors who work in the field to need a telp app that is integrated with crm. it’s just that it doesn’t allow single sign on from webrtc with crm.

maybe you can consider that the webrtc app can be embedded as an iframe in the crm app. So the main page is crm and webrtc can be embedded in a crm iframe.

you only need to make it so that you can automatically log in to webrtc when logging into crm, for example bypassing usernames, passwords, tokens via urls. I will map these parameters to the crm table, so that there is a usermame/extension mapping with the crm user

then to control webrtc is done through api, such as pause, unpause, call outgoing, accept call and so on.

I think this is quite interesting , we can freely create crm apps according to customer requirements.


Hi Sir

Here is example




To clarify, you are asking for two things.

  1. To be able to embed VitXi.
  2. To be able to pass the auth credentials in the URL.

Regarding 1, have you tried to embed it? What currently happens when you do so?

Yes Sir, No Issue when embed as iframe


If logging into Vitxi can be bypassed via URL, then when logging into CRM it will be triggered to login Vitxi.

Indeed, even if it could, this would still not be optimal, because the agent could log out of Vitxi by clicking the logout, pause, change password and so on.

Actually my request is more needed by integrators.

I don’t know whether the vitalpbx team will develop the vitxi webrtc module for integrators.

Webrtc Vitxi is just a phone, so there’s no need for a pause button, login to queues and so on, you could say it’s like Vitxi Webrtc in the Sonata dialer.

So the “pause”, “unpause”, “call”,“Login to Queue” functions are done through the API, so these buttons will be on the side of the CRM application

If vitalpbx does develop like this then it should be able to run the “postMessage” function from CRM to Vitxi.

I’m very curious when the vitalpbx team released a version of vitxi webrtc that can be integrated with various types of crm. Both self-developed and proven CRM products in the market such as SugarCRM and so on