wish add feature vitxi app

Hi Vitalpbx Team,

Here’s my suggestion to the vitxi app

  1. Admin/Supervisor can determine which agent should be AA (Auto Answer) ,Log Into Queues On Startup,Log Out From Queues When Closing The Application. If this rule is applied, the agent does not have access to the “call” and “call center” settings menu.

  2. CRM URL Popup parameters can be added, for example: When the customer selects the IVR option (press 1, or 2) then the choice can be sent as a parameter.

  3. DID number can be displayed when popup. For example I have 2 inbound call numbers. DID will appear in agent when popup

  4. Incoming call popup can appear on custom tab, not in New “Tab or New Window”.When call answer it will automatically open the custom tab url and send all the name/value parameters.


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Thanks for your suggestions. We will have it in mind!