WIKI Sonata Dialer: Issue when launching campain

Hello team

I want to launch my First Campaign using Sonata Dialer.
i have created Contact list, Form, etc, all fine!

After creating the campaign, i try to connect as assigned agent, i have a black screen like bellow showing an error on the top. I dont know how to check the exact cause and fixe:

And here is the campaign itself

Anyone can help?

Please check the timezone settings is set to your local time, if the date is past the end date set on the campaign creation form you won’t be able to access the agent console

hello dear

Timezone is correctly set to my town!

On this exemple, i created this under a Tenant (named Sales Team)

Now i have tried to reproduce the same directly on Admin account, it works

But, we need to use it only on Tenants, so it should also work there

We’ll analyze your request, I’ll let you know when we have an update

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Alright, we will be waiting for

Best regards

We’ll add the feature for the next update it should be ready in around 2 weeks