why Vitalpbx changelog is not updated as it was done before?

Today I was checking for the Vitalpbx update and find that “The new version VitalPBX 4.0.3-2 is available!”

but on the changelog page: VitalPBX Phone System | Change Log
It just shows old version changelog “4.0.3 R1”:

how could we proceed with the update if we don’t know the changes that have been done like fixes and enhancements that has been added to schedule an update or skip that minor update if that don’t affect my Vitalpbx?
why the vitxi changelog is not updated since February 25, 2023?
Also why the change log for stats has been removed?
and why there is no a change log for each main addon like Billing, Recordings, Vitxi, Switchboard and Dialer?
I hope i can find the such complete change log for each of them in the check for update message and also on the website


We just published the changelog a couple of minutes ago!

Thanks so much for your quick prompt but what about the vitxi changelog? isn’t there any updates or changes on them yet


VitXi on V4 is still shown the changelog of 4.0.7 it is now 4.0.1-3 on Vitalpbx addon page


and the same on V3 it is still shown the changelog of 1.1.2-4 it is now 1.1.3-2 on Vitalpbx addon page



would be there soon update on these links to show what updates and how much progress is done accomplished on that module?

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