Whisper / OpenAI Install Guide - Re: Blog Post


We were able to install Whisper / OpenAI VoiceTranscription and it’s amazing!!

We followed the guide here: https://vitalpbx.com/blog/vitalpbx-voicemail-transcription-openai-whisper/

I am personally in no way a command line or debian expert, i’m probably not the only one. So I wanted to share this with you:

We found a typo in the text:

I could be the way the blog editor render quotation marks. Script gave us an error but it was easy to correct by typing it manually.

Also, if you wish to edit the default text between the end of the “New Voicemail Email” template and the actuall transcription, please follow these instructions:

Default text looks like this:

To edit:

Via the command line: type
sudo nano /usr/sbin/sendmail-openai

Find the section:
# beginning of transcription section

Edit the text between quotation marks.
We added an horizontal line by adding another echo line

Looks like this:

I might change it, but it’s just to show how to edit this text for anyone like me who is not very good at command line stuff.

Hopefully, future “New Voicemail Templates” will use a variable to pass the transcription and allow for HTML emails.

What did you guys do? Something fancier? Let me know below

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