What is VitalPBX?

VitalPBX is a Unified Communications System, where your set-up time is just in minutes. It works out of the box, and with all the functions and features a business needs.

There are no obligatory set-up fees or long contracts required, so you can get started now. Add devices and make calls with only a few minutes of setup.

The system comes with over 150 features, which cover multiple industries such as Carriers, Enterprises, Hospitality, Education, Call Centers, and more.

You can also benefit from cost savings, as the system does not require additional hardware or software for a full VoIP environment.

VitalPBX’s intuitive user interface allows users to easily navigate the system without any prior technical knowledge.

Finally, the platform is secure and reliable so customers can rest assured that their data is safe every day.

VitalPBX is the fastest-growing PBX system with over 50,000 installations worldwide and more than 8 million extensions.

Get started and download VitalPBX today.