What are your white label options?

Concerning a White Label, we have a couple of options.

White Label Program
If you are looking into distributing the PBX software to your customers, the White Label Program is your best choice. With this program, we create a custom ISO you can share with your customers, and they can install it in their servers and data centers. The custom ISO will already come with your branding and colors

Rebranding add-on module
If you are looking to have a hosted PBX system and use our Multi-Tenant module, this is the most economical option for you. The rebranding add-on module allows you to upload your logos, change the base color, application names, and login colors and footer.
If you are a Carrier Plus Plan license holder, this add-on comes included and you get access to the branding plus extended feature. This extended feature allows you to change the application names for the Sonata Suite and VitXi applications.

Both options are readily available for you to use today.