What are your hotels industry features?

Using VitalPBX has many benefits for hotels looking to provide their guests with the best possible experience.

Our PBX system can make communication between staff and customers easier than ever before. Hotels of all sizes can benefit from using this system, as it allows them to manage their telecommunications needs in a more efficient manner.

VitalPBX is easy to use, allowing hotel staff to set up and use the features they need. This includes basic options like extensions and voicemail, along with more advanced features such as automated attendant systems, call forwarding, and wake-up calls capabilities.

And don’t worry about the setup, you can connect your PBX with over 150 PMS systems.

As the hospitality industry continues to grow, it is important for hotels to keep up with current trends and technologies. By using VitalPBX, hotel owners have a simple and reliable method for connecting with customers efficiently.

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