What are your call center plans?

For call centers, we have various modules that nicely complement your Call Center environment.
The modules you decide on will deeply depend on the type of Call Center environment you wish to deploy. VitalPBX already includes a Queues module where you can add as many agents as you need for your incoming calls. As a basis, we can recommend the following commercial add-on modules:

Sonata Switchboard
Sonata Switchboard will allow you to monitor and manipulate your calls in real-time.

Sonata Stats
Sonata Stats allows you to have statistic reports for your Queues and Agents.

If you are looking to have an Outbound Call Center, we recommend the Sonata Dialer. Here, you can upload a list of contacts and create campaigns for outgoing calls.

Here are other commercial add-ons you might find interesting to expand your Call Center environment.
Queues Callback.

IVR Stats, so you can measure how many times your customers select an option from an IVR menu.
This is useful for creating a small survey.

Sonata Recordings, to monitor call recordings.

VitXi, our browser-based soft-phone solution.

You can license all of these add-ons individually, by purchasing a one-time payment license for any one of them through our store.

Or, you can subscribe to our Call Center Licensing Plan, which licenses all of the commercial add-ons mentioned here, for a monthly or yearly subscription.

If you require any assistance setting this up on your VitalPBX Installation, you can also acquire our 5-hour Professional Support Package, with which you can schedule a remote session with one of our Support Engineers. If you don’t use all the support time in one session, you have a full year to use the rest of your support time.