What are VitalPBX 4.0 features?

VitalPBX 4 brings a whole new world of features and optimizations to your PBX environment.

Biggest Features:
• Now, VitalPBX is based on Debian.
With CentOS 7 coming to its End of Life (EOL) in 2024, we started porting VitalPBX to a new Linux distribution, being Debian. This allows us to continue working over a robust Linux Platform that has plenty of support for the future.
• VitalPBX now supports ARM CPU Architecture.
With new systems adopting ARM as their preferred CPU architecture, with our change to Debian, we can adopt ARM environments for VitalPBX. This includes systems like Raspberry Pi’s and other ARM based systems to run VitalPBX natively.
• System Optimizations.
With version 4, we have optimized our database structure and Asterisk functionality to apply changes in a more optimized manner. This allows us to run VitalPBX faster when applying changes and making configurations to our system, without taking a toll on your CPU and Memory.

Additional Key Features:
• 2FA (Two Factor Authentication).
Additional security measures to add 2FA to your login, by using an authenticator application.
• Access Control
Add IP addresses to your Blacklist as well as your Whitelist to control who can access the system.
• Revamped User Interface
The user interface has improved workflow structure so you can save time when doing your day-to-day configurations.
• Improved Log-In Design
A new log in page design with support for background images.

VitalPBX 4 is a steppingstone towards the future of VitalPBX environments. Bringing various under the hood improvements that will ensure that they satisfy your employees and customers with their Unified Communications PBX System.

Download it today: