What are the features of your community plan?

VitalPBX community version is perfect for businesses who want to implement for the first time a PBX system or try a much better option than the current one they have.

You don’t need to spend money on this version since it’s completely free.

It’s a fully operating PBX system out of the box, ready to work for your business, with up to 12 extensions. But don’t worry, if you want to have unlimited extensions, you can begin with a Starter License.

Get the most looked-for features on a PBX such as,

• Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to look more professional to your customers
• Call encryption for a secure connection every time
• Voicemail, so you won’t miss any call
• Enterprise-grade reliability so you won’t miss any business opportunity
• Call reporting to improve your team productivity

With many more features, you can try anytime, the VitalPBX community version is a no-risk PBX system so you can superpower your business communications.

Download it today. Learn more here: