What are the features of your call center plan?

With VitalPBX, you can customize your environment to fit your call center with advanced features, such as:

  • Queues distribution to help you manage your call traffic.
  • Unlimited Agents and Queues, to add agents as needed. This flexibility makes it easy to change team sizes as your business needs change.
  • Hot desking, that allows multiple shifts to use the same agent spaces and devices. This means that instead of relying on dedicated cubicles, employees can move around and share desk space.
  • Supervision, so you can easily monitor and manage your phone system.
  • Call Recording, so you can control the quality of your service.
  • Queues and Agents Statistic Reports, for better business decisions.
  • Outbound Dialer System, for effective campaigns.

And this is just the beginning. VitalPBX has over 150 features to make your call center management a walk in the park. Including all of our Sonata Suite and VitXi applications for a professional-grade experience.

VitalPBX is a well-rounded, powerful tool that can help you reach your desired professional results. With its easy-to-use interface, intuitive design, and wealth of features, you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit for whatever project you have in mind.

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