What are the differences between VitalPBX Mobile and VitalPBX Connect?

Many have asked us the difference between VitalPBX Mobile and VitalPBX Connect. Below we detail the differences.

First of all VitalPBX Mobile is only compatible with VitalPBX 3 and VitalPBX Connect is only compatible with VitalPBX 4.

Another difference is that VitalPBX Mobile is developed by SessionTalk company (https://www.sessiontalk.co.uk/) and VitalPBX Connect is developed by Acrobits company (https://acrobits.net/).

We could say that both Apps do the same, but there are two big differences.

1.- VitalPBX Connect have a global Push Server system that makes notifications work automatically. VitalPBX Mobile can only register to one Push server at a time, which greatly limits the functionality of notifications.

2.- VitalPBX Connect integrates with the VitalPBX Phonebook. VitalPBx Mobile does not come with this integration.

In conclusion, VitalPBX Connect is more efficient and up-to-date with more modern features and easier to use.