Were do these e-mails come from ?

I am using 3rd party SMTP server with VitalPBX.
Upon reviewing my bounced e-mails I discovered that my VitalPBX is sending an e-mail every hour 24/7. So thats over 600 e-mails a month!!!

The subject of these e-mails are: Cron root@vitalpbx-2 run-parts /etc/cron.hourly
vitalpbx-2 is the name of my VitalPBX installation.

Could anyone tell me were I could find this cron job in VitalPBX ?
Also is there a way to change the address the e-mail is sent to ?

You should check the email logs. Usually, when something is failing the system sends an email to the root user.

@miguel The Cron mail is sent every hour and it seems like an system thing.

  • Is this hourly e-mail an internal thing not accessible via teh Web GUI ?
  • Could you tell me were to find the e-mail logs ?

Check the file below.

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