Welcome email QR Code?

Hello, Running VitalPBX4 and I was wondering what is the QR Code in the welcome email used for?

When trying to scan the QR Code from a valid welcome email (above was just a test email), with VitalPBX Connect on Android, I get an INVALID QR CODE error

Same when I scan directly from the admin section

And the Vitxi app, well it does not exist, and the WebRTC browser page does not have a scan QR Code button

Coming from another commercial platform, can I just say that all the “apps” with different names are kind of a mess and it is hard to find updated information about it.

Thank you for your assistance

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I have wondered exactly the same things myself. I’m replying now in the hope that someone who does know the answers to these question will see this topic and reply.

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I don’t use connect but my understanding is that you need to install the module on VitalPBX in order for it to work… As for Vitxi, that’s not an app. That’s a Webrtc softphone which you also need to install the Vitxi module to use it.

I don’t use the welcome emails because they send out sip passwords to the end user and thus, I try and stay away from end-user/subscriber having such info but I’m referring more as far as a multitenant type setup.

As far as the Connect app, I know you may get one license included but you have to pay for additional licenses. I may be wrong on the number of licenses you get for free.


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VitXi WebRTC is a separate application from VitalPBX Connect. They have similar features, but also distinct functionalities that set them apart. VitXi is designed for extensions with WebRTC configurations, while VitalPBX Connect focuses on settings related to PJSIP.

Certainly, there are plans to develop a mobile app for VitXi in the future.


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