WebRTC Vitxi early media not working

Hi Guys,

Anyone here experiencing this issue on Vitxi when calling. Even though the number that I’m calling is offline or inactive it keeps on ringing. I already disabled Ringing Tone option in Dial profile but still same issue.

Please help, really need this to be fixed.

Appreciate your help.

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What version of VitXi do you have installed?

Here is the Vitxi version

Could you please check with the SNGREP tool the responses or events returned by your VoIP provider? Or if you can share with us a log file with SIP debugging enabled (hiding any sensitive data).

Hi Maynor,

The logs in SNGREP seems fine based on my understanding but before I send the logs here, can you try this first on your end as soon as I click the call button on Vitxi dialpad it starts ringing but on the CALLEE end is not ringing.

I have tried with an IVR and the behavior you mention does not occur. In SNGREP, can you see the sip status code 183?

I think what OP is trying to say is, that when playing a call from VitXi it will always play a ringing tone, even there wasn’t yet a 180 or 183.

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@PitzKey yes correct as soon as you click call button it play a ringing tone.
@maynor can you try it without an IVR. I believe IVR is auto answer that is why you didn’t experience the same thing.

I will check and send SNGREP logs.

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Here is the weird I noticed. Its ringing on 100 trying log

Its better to be dead air on the part than playing false ringing tone.

When using softphone like Zoiper early media is working fine. It doesn’t ring on 100 trying log.

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Please don’t just post random screenshots without context.

In this screenshot is a call to a Kamailio or OpenSIPs server.

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