WebRTC & PJSIP Same Extension number

Hello, is there a way to have 1 extension for both IP phone and WebRTC ? When creating a Vitxi user and attaching the extension to the user only the IP Phone rings (default profile is set to Default PJSIP Profile on the extension) … but when i switch the profile to Default WebRTC Profile only WebRTC client rings. It seems that i have to create a another extension just for VitXi ,but then the user will have 2 extensions ? Any help would be appreciated.


Welcome Danny, please get more basic information about vitalpbx. The YouTube channel is a great place or you take the Course.

You can add multiple devices to the same extension under the extension tab inside vitalPbx. Click the device drop-down and hit NEW.

Hi mo1, I actually purchased the Udemy Course and it doesn’t cover this section. It covers installation, and adding extensions, but not adding another device to use with VitXi.


You can create multiple devices per extension, so create a second device to your default one.

Click on Device (Green Box) and select new to create a new device for your extension.

Once you have created a new device just select the appropiate profile for it, in this case WebRTC



Thanks hlev! i got it working. . your reply is much appreciated!

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Also if you want to have multiple SIP registers with the same extension you need to increase the MAX Contacts from 1 to 2-5.

In our system being tested for VitXi, we have an extension down as default WebRTC profile, but also a work deskphone. I am not sure what this will cause in terms of issues, but the deskphone, Vital Connect and VitXi all ring, our “Max Contacts” is at 5.

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