WEBRTC extensions not work in Vitxi

Dear, I am going to put more information in context. I have vitalPBX4 and Vitxi installed on a virtual machine on Proxmox7, this machine is in 1:1 NAT on an exclusive public IP, well, I have a public trunk installed with a local provider, I have continued The YouTube video by Joseph Montes is not version 4, but it is similar except that in SIP Setting the WEBSocket parameter does not exist, nor does the SEND PUSH parameter exist in Extension.
Well, the problem in question that I have is the following, the PJSIP extensions not WEBRTC work perfectly, I can make and receive internal and external calls without problems, the problem I have is with the WEBRTC extensions, I do not have audio in any sense for both internal and external calls. I have a certificate installed with Lets Encrypt.

Thank you for responding mo10, of course the certificate was the first thing we did, we still had the problem reported

and we follow the manual step by step, of course it is not updated because that manual is for version 3, in version 4 there is no “WebSocket” in Sip Setting-General


Hi Raul_Leiva, can you provide a screenshot of the devices info for the user in question? The the following > PBX > Extensions > Extensions Status > Look for user in question and on the right click on Devices (phone icon) then take a screenshot with all info …

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